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Publications about the canal
The Wilts and Berks Canal Jack Dalby Oakwood Press          ISBN 0-85361-562-4
A Waterway to Wantage Doug Small
The Wilts & Berks Canal Doug Small History Press             ISBN 978-0-7524-1619-7
The Wilts and Berks Canal - Revisited Doug Small History Press             ISBN 978-0-7524-5146-6
The wilts & Berks Canal Through Time Doug Small Amberley Publishing   ISBN 978-1-4456-0952-2
Wantage and the Wilts & Berks Canal R V G Brown Booklet
In Tow Reginald Blunt Booklet

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Chippenham and the Wilts and Berks Canal Ray Alder Hobnob Press      ISBN 978-0-9464-3
Canal Days in Swindon E V Tull New edition available soon.