Wessex Waterways Restoration Trust

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Raison d'ĂȘtre

Our reason for being
is our worksites.

Three areas have so far been adopted.


One of the original work sites from when the restoration first began, the Foxham section has been under continuous improvement ever since.  Foxham Top lock has been rebuilt and a lift bridge and a draw bridge have been constucted. The canal bed and towpath have been cleared as far east as the Elephant spillweir.

Along this section there is still plenty of work to be done: several bridges will need to be either rebuilt or modified, and there is still some upgrading of the complete length that needs to be done.

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Latton Basin

Work started at Latton Basin in 2006.  The project covers an area from the Churn Mill Leat to the River Churn.  It includes three aqueducts, a large basin and a lock as well as several hundred metres of canal and towpath.  The original plan was to simply clear and renovate the area, providing an improved local amenity and preserving the historic infrastructure.

It is problematical as to whether or not this section will ever be connected to the North Wilts Canal, but it is certainly possible for it to provide a short arm into Cricklade from the Thames and Severn Canal.

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Dauntsey Lock East



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