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Foxham workparty
 A very wet and cold weekend had a combined 'Friends of Foxham' and WRG/BITM work party planting a Blackthorn hedge on the offside of the canal near to the Elephant spillweir.

January dig at Foxham (Wilts & Berks)

    There was a slight risk of boredom on this dig, as we couldn't offer our usual list of different jobs.  This one was supposed to be just tree planting to create a hedge on the offside for the farmer.  This section of the canal had been restored over several years by a local group calling themselves “Friends of Foxham”, and BITM have been involved at several different stages, starting with the initial clearance in January 2014.   We felt it was only fitting that BITM rounded off the work there. Saturday was a pretty dismal day, cold and drizzly, but everyone worked so hard that with the help of the “Friends” nearly all of 2091 whips were in the ground!  The farmer telephoned us later to thank us.

    The few that were left were finished off by the Friends on Sunday, while all the BITMites decamped to Dauntsey to finish off scrub bashing round Hignett's Hole (at the western end of my bit of canal) which had been started on our Christmas camp.  This introduced a bit of variety and some drama!  We were also trying to cut down some willows that had sprung up on the offside, so Dave squared (Wedd and James) set off in a canoe.  Fine, except on the way back to the towpath side they managed to capsize the canoe!  Dave James only went in waist high, but Dave Wedd went right in.  Fortunately, this coincided with time to go back to the cottage for tea break so the two big drips could get dry and changed.  Luckily I was able to dig out two sets of work clothes that just about fitted them.

    So, as it turned out there was variety in the weekend, not to mention a bit of excitement.  We packed up at about 2 pm on Sunday and went back to the hall for lunch.  As usual, June fed us beautifully. Mina enjoyed herself trotting back and forth supervising.

With many thanks.

Rachael Banyard